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About Mac-Mgrs

What is Mac-Mgrs?

We are a community of people who manage Macs (generally in rather large numbers) who come together for peer support. We use a mailing list and these web pages as sources of information for troubleshooting and resolving systems management problems in Macintosh and Cross-platform environments. This mailing list has been in continuous operation since the early 1990s, with thousands of subscribers all over the world. It’s longevity is owed primarily to the list rules, which prevent unnecessary discussion and their inevitable devolution into flame-wars and/or ego-trips. We’re here to solve problems, not bicker and argue (that is what Apple’s OS X Server list is for, right?) Mac-Mgrs does not pretend to be a replacement for the MacOS X Server list, or Mac-Enterprise, or any of the other excellent resources for Macintosh Managers out thereā€¦ Mac-Mgrs is here to solve your problems, period. We’ve been around long before they started, and will be around long after they’re gone. They key to that is our very simple format and a lot of self-discipline on the part of our subscribers.

The mac-mgrs mailing list is designed to be very low traffic, with a perfect 100:0 signal-to-noise ratio. Only questions and summaries are allowed. Answers to questions are to be mailed back to the questioner directly and are NOT to be sent to the entire list. The person who originally asked the question has the responsibility of summarizing the answers and sending the entire summary back to the list. A summary should include attributions so others can pick up conversations offline if needed with original posters. BUT, try not to simply dump all the replies into a mail and send that to the list — that is not really a summary! When a summary is sent back to the list, it should contain the word “SUMMARY” as the first word of the “Subject” line. Please try to briefly restate your original question so that others have some clue as to what it was you asked that generated all those replies!